Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!

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Adam turned 4 today.  After Todd being birthdayzilla for his 4th birthday we were a little worried how Adam would act on his birthday.  He was really good.  It was fun to see the excitement and pure joy in his face with every present he opened.

Michelle asked Adam what he wanted for breakfast on his birthday and he said, "Rice Krispy Treats".  So here's Adam getting ready to eat his birthday breakfast. (Oh the advantages of being a 4th child.)

Here's an example of the happiness Adam exhibited opening his presents as he checks out his doggy towel.

Adam was jumping on a trampoline just before he went to Smoking Apple for dinner.  We picked him up on the way from the neighbor's house to find out that all he had was wet socks and no shoes.  Since Brian was there to pick him up and Michelle wasn't Adam ended up at the restaurant as follows...

Adam loved his new Spidey Suit and slept in it overnight.

Adam had monster cupcakes for his birthday cake.  Putting the candles in was serious business.

I (Brian) took Adam to Zurchers to pick out a pinata.  I was worried that he would have difficulty picking something - and then finally pick something only to start crying on the way home that he wanted something else.  However, on the way there he announced with conviction that he wanted a pirate ship pinata because he also had a lego pirate ship.  I was relieved that it was going to be so easy.  When we got to Zurchers they had an awesome pirate ship pinata.  But... Adam was adamant that it needed to have pirates on it - which of course it didn't.  So he decided he didn't want a pirate ship after all - fortunately he didn't freak out or anything.  So then we went ALL through the store looking for a pinata that he wanted.  We looked and looked and he kept turning everything down.  Finally on the very last row I asked him if he wanted a birthday cake pinata, he said "sure".  Even better he stayed happy with it and never changed his mind.

We couldn't find our usual plastic bat and used a broom handle instead.  Here's Adam swinging away - he was laughing, giggling, & chortling the whole time.  The cake pinata worked out great - it had 2 different compartments - Krista broke the first compartment open after everyone had had a turn at bat and then Adam got to take a 2nd turn to break the 2nd compartment open.

Here's cousin Kayla taking her turn at bat.

Adam loves balloons.  So I thought it would be fun to have balloons at his party. Fortunately he's at least as happy with balloons that don't float as with helium balloons.  So we bought a pack of 76 balloons and blew them up for his birthday party.  The next day we were about to have the kids pop them but Adam didn't want them popped and was on a mission to save them.  We decided to let them stick around another day or two. Here's Adam and Scott playing in them the next day.

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