Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autumn Hike

We went hiking as a family for family home evening on Monday.  We hiked from Summit Parking lot toward Aspen Grove.  It was beautiful with lots of gold from the Aspen leaves changing colors.  Adam fell asleep in the car so he was a little grumpy when we first started, but he had a great time once he woke up.  He was heavy in the kid backpack - I'm thinking that may be his last hike riding in a backpack - by next year he will probably be too big.

We were racing daylight so we didn't get to hike all the way to Aspen Grove.  We went down 50 minutes and then actually were faster hiking back up - about 40 minutes. Scott's friend Mita came with us.  There is a ton of lush vegetation on this trail - it was very pretty. 

Here's Brian & Adam at the beginning of the hike.  Adam is still waking up and isn't too happy.  I almost turned around and went took Adam back to the van because he was screaming/crying right in my ear, but he really wanted to be on the hike so he calmed down quickly - this was taken just after he calmed down.

Scott, Mita & Todd ran ahead and hid a little off the trail to hide from us.  We started getting on their case for leaving the trail and then decided they were in a perfect spot for a photo.  Shame on us...

Todd enjoying the hike down

Once we got to the bottom of where we had time to hike we finally started seeing colors from the oak tree.  Here's Scott in one of his crazy poses with some colors in the background.

And here's Todd just a little further down the trail showing off the fall colors.

Again about the same spot showing off the scenery.

And here's Adam on the way back up, having the time of his life.  He was laughing and playing a lot on the way up.  He was especially happy to get to hold some twigs and leaves and harass me with them.

Fields of gold...

Brian & Michelle with Adam still waking up

Scott, Todd & Michelle

Michelle looking down at the valley.

Looking up through the Aspens

Todd, Scott & Mita in the vegetation.

Todd among the Aspens

Brian & Adam hiking along.

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