Monday, March 7, 2011

Now I have my own camera I'm gonna try starting to keep this update again.

Michelle & I went to St. George for a couple of days to go mountain biking. We biked almost 40 miles and did some really fun trails.

This first set of pictures are all from the Paradise Canyon ride.

Brian riding on the Paradise Rim.

Smooching at the top of Paradise Rim.

This is an overview of Santa Clara from the top of Paradise Rim. The green hills are in the background are the Barrell Roll & Rim trails we rode just before doing this ride.

Michelle riding on the Turtle Wall trail on the way up to Paradise Rim.

Michelle showing off some of the scenery on the Chuckwalla trail.

Michelle & Brian posing just off the Chuckwalla trail.

This next pictures are from our ride on the Zen trail:

Michelle riding a tricky section.

Brian standing near an overlook on the Zen trail. The trail down below in the background is the Bearclaw Poppy trail which we rode right before Zen.

Michelle sitting on top of the world.

Brian riding a kind of steep section on Zen.